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We have created a bundle for a thirty day supply of our full spectrum basics plus our new antibacterial package combo for you personally to use. (This kit is built for one person, please see other kits for groups or family discounts)

This bundle is meant to help build immune systems and sleep well by using our tincture one in the morning and at night. The salve is our flagship lavender salve rich in magnesium, arnica and cannabinoids for anti inflammatory response from your aches and pains, couple with lavender for a relaxing aroma therapy.

The anti bacterial spray is both useful as hand sanitizer and a surface cleaner. The active ingredients are isopropyl/ Ethyl alcohol 70% couple with thieves oil and hemp seed oil. This product is safe and will kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. *while supplies last**

– 1000mg 2oz Mint Tincture
– 200mg Lavender Salve
– 2oz Anti-bacterial Spray
– 16oz Anti-bacterial spray (Refill)

$165 value for $119.99

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